EA Games on Steam and Steam Sale Soon


Boidurjya Ganguly


Jun, 10.2020

In October 2019, Electronic Arts announced a new partnership with Valve that would finally
bring EA Games to Steam or in some cases bring them back. The process began a little later with Star
Wars: Jedi Fallen Order but a bunch of EA games have appeared on Steam and they are as follows:
1. Dragon Age 2 at ₹499/ w DLC at ₹899
2. Crysis 3 at ₹494
3. Need for Speed Heat at ₹1799
4. Plants Vs Zombies: Battle for Neighbourville at ₹1399
5. Need for Speed Rivals at ₹499
6. Mirror’s Edge Catalyst at ₹499
7. Unravel at ₹499
8. Unravel 2 at ₹ 499
9. Sea of Solitude at ₹499
10. Fe at ₹499
11. Dragon Age: Origins at ₹249 (Awakening version at ₹349)
12. Burnout Paradise Remastered at ₹249
Electron Arts said in last year’s Steam announcement that EA subscription access would also be
coming to Steam. EA also added that this is the first wave of over 25 games that are coming to
Steam and future games developed for PC will also arrive on Steam along with other store fronts.
We want to make it easy to play the games you love, wherever you want to play. Delivering
games to the Steam community is an important step in achieving this goal, Strategic Growth
senior vice president Mike Blank said. Not only are we excited to have our games on Steam, but
we look forward to bringing them even more value when our subscription becomes available in
the Summer. However, details of how EA Access will be implemented on Steam haven’t been
announced yet.
This could not come at a better time since the Steam annual Summer Sale will also begin
according to Chinese sources on 25 th June and will continue till July 9 th . It is worth noting that
these were the exact dates of the Steam Sale last year as well. As for what we can expect from the
sale, it’s safe to assume a chunk of games will be discounted except for those that launch on the
sale dates.