New Call of Duty setting leaked?


Boidurjya Ganguly


Jun, 10.2020

Another year, another call of duty and again the news about the game has leaked out before official
announcements. With Modern Warfare still going strong with the addition of the battle royale mode
Warzone, which is free to play and enjoys a fairly large player base, Treyarch seeks to capitalize on
the game’s good fortune and release another Call of Duty that may follow the same path as Modern
Warfare did by going back to the roots and building again from the ground up. Activision still hasn’t
confirmed anything officially but according to a recent tweet, this year’s game will be called Call of
Duty: Black Ops Cold War. So far none of the leaks have been corroborated by Activision but they’re
pretty convincing.
The Cold War name first appeared on Twitter by leaker Okami13 and has been corroborated by
various other sources. This probably means like 2019s Modern Warfare, developer Treyarch is going
back to the beginnings of the Black Ops franchise- as opposed to the futuristic direction taken by the
Black Ops Franchise in recent times by Black Ops III and Black Ops IV. In fact, the Cold War setting
has already been teased in Call of Duty: Warzone with plans for the battle royale to reveal the game
fully eventually. Players have found a Cold War era spy plane by glitching through walls. This may
also tie into the mystery behind the many vault doors in Warzone currently.
The original Call of Duty: Black Ops was set in 1960s during the Vietnam War. It was truly a very
monumental release for Treyarch with it hitting the bases with critics and users alike. In 2019,
Modern Warfare acted as reboot for 2007’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare using the characters
everyone has become familiar with and placing them in a new pseudo-prequel. This may be the same
formula that Treyarch will follow this year and this being Call of Duty, we don’t have to wait long to
find out.