Free Fire Latest Elite Pass Fabled Fox Is Now Out


Soumi Sarkar


Jun, 08.2020

Free Fire Latest Elite Pass, Fabled Fox Is Now Out
Free Fire has some news to create excitement amidst gaming fans and it is a release, which we
would be eager to share inputs with you. We would like to say that it has just released its latest
Elite Pass or EP. The name given to the EP is Fabled Fox.
It is a recent release and the date shows June 1st 2020. It is about the gangs and it is a revenge
drama at play here. The two gang leaders at some point had been forced out of a home and they
have returned with vengeance.  This revenge saga offers scope to earn rewards and this should be
your area of interest. One can opt for the Fabled Foxes Motor Bike. 
In case you are new to this gaming theme we are here to provide updates on this EP. The game
has two protagonists Ben and Zara by the name. Salter district was the place, which they called
home but alas they were thrown out. It was the Smaki gang, which took over their home district.
They found a home controlled by Vulpes but the situation was worse. In fact it would be proper
to say that they were forced to join Vulpes and it was about again working up the ladder.
However, it has been a decade since those times and both of them are leaders today. 
They both strongly believe that the present day situation is ripe to take back Salter district from
the Smaki gang. This is a theme, which is inspired by Japanese mythology by the name Inari
Okami. As you try out this theme one can feel that there is a Japanese touch to the proceedings in
the form of garments and street wear. There are plenty of theme rewards to earn for survivors
and one should find it interesting.