Rasputin finally destroys the Almighty


Saptarshi Mozumdar


Jun, 08.2020

On June 5, 2020, the official Twitter of Destiny 2 (@Destinythegame) tweeted that Rasputin the AI Warmind is at full power and it will finally launch its offensive against the Almighty.

For the uninformed, we disabled the main weaponry of the Almighty and defeated them in the Red War in the original Destiny 2 campaign. The Almighty is a massive vessel and the superweapon of the Cabal, it is powerful enough to destroy entire planets. Destiny 2’s Season 10 : Season of the Worthy started on March 20, 2020. At the beginning of Season 10,  we were informed that the Red Legion, the elite Cabal army, was trying to use the Almighty again as a final attempt to destroy the Guardians. We go in the Almighty only to find that it has been targeted towards Earth with the navigation controls destroyed. It seemed unstoppable and all hopes seemed lost. Ana Bray, daughter of Clovis Bray, suggests that the Warmind AI, Rasputin can stop it. 

Rasputin is one of the few known Warminds in the Destiny 2 universe. A Warmind is a military AI that was designed for inter-planetary or land warfare. Rasputin was designed by Clovis Bray of Clovis Bray Exoscience Corporation. It was designed for the purpose of protecting humanity. Now that humanity was under threat, it seemed obvious that it would finally take action against the Almighty. Season of the Worthy was mostly about powering up Rasputin through various events and quests. 

Finally, on June 6, a few days prior to the end of Season 10, it destroys the Almighty in a live in-game event. The timing and date were clear from the Tweet. So players gathered at the Tower at 10AM PT from where the Almighty could be seen clearly. And then after almost 15 minutes, it happened. Rasputin attacked the Almighty, several red streaks which looked like missiles or lasers were attacking the Almighty from both sides. The Almighty started having small subtle explosions that looked like a glittery effect, throughout. But then after a few more minutes, the final explosion happened, it was way bigger than the small previous ones. The explosion sends several burning debris towards the tower. The Almighty, now engulfed in flames starts drifting away and finally crashes. After the crash, the screen went almost white. Then came the aftershock of the explosion which knocked the players back on the Tower and produced am ‘ear-ringing’ sound effect. This level of detail was actually very impressive.

Here is a video showing it all: Destiny 2 - The Almighty DESTROYED!!!

Credit for the video goes to DJ Trek