Riot Games expected to release Deathmatch Mode for Valorant Soon


SAMRIDDHA SAHA (Gl1tch_mast3r)


Jun, 06.2020

In a blog written by VALORANT producer Jared Berbach and designer Bobby Prochnow more info has been released about a possible Deathmatch mode and the future of game modes such as Spike Rush. Lots of players have been asking for a Deathmatch mode in VALORANT, even since the release of the closed beta. These players might get their request granted as the designers and developers talk about the inclusion of a Deathmatch-like mode into the game. The new Spike Rush mode in Valorant is more fast-paced and chaotic than the default bomb mode. Looking at it, there’s more action and reason for killing other players on the opposing side. Still, it isn’t the team deathmatch that fans have been longing for a long time now. Team Deathmatch is a straight forward mode wherein both teams simply need to take out the others up until a certain point is reached. Unlike the current game modes in the shooter, Team Deathmatch is more about precise shooting and aggressiveness instead of strategy and careful planning. 

“While I can’t commit to a specific launch date yet, I can say this is a player desire that our team hears loud and clear, and we’re starting to build out some of the necessary technology we’d need to support a Deathmatch-type mode.” "WE’RE STARTING TO BUILD OUT SOME OF THE NECESSARY TECHNOLOGY WE’D NEED TO SUPPORT A DEATHMATCH-TYPE MODE."

A mode in this vein was also confirmed by Valorant dev Salvatore "Valcano" Garozzo who confirmed on his Twitch stream.
"The team is interested in having a warm-up/deathmatch style mode for warming up, practising, getting used to gun mechanics," he said.

So a deathmatch or team deathmatch mode is definitely in the works, we would definitely be looking into what's cooking and keep you informed with all the updates.