WATCH This Reddit User Captured A Wholesome Moment On PUBG PC


Soumi Sarkar


Jun, 06.2020

This Reddit User Captured A Wholesome Moment On PUBG PC
The PUBG is always the ideal choice for gaming participants eager to experience something
brutal. This battle royal game has plenty of followers and this is a game where the rules of the
jungle are applied.
As a player if you are eager to participate we would like to say that it is survival of the fittest.
However, if you are a PUBG fan, we would like to say that lately there has been some respite on
offer. It was on offer from Reddit and they captured it on video with the help of
EightInchesAround. Let me take you through the details of the video captured. 
We took a close look at the video and could clearly feel the presence of a user. There is also a
team mate referred to as Pickle. They engage in the unbelievable task of rolling over to the
enemy squad. They were just at loggerheads fighting a short while back. It is suddenly that the
two teams start speaking and it is now a friendly banter. It is after a friendly chat they part ways
but only for the short term.
They are sure to meet again and this time, the atmosphere is completely different. They are
now the ultimate teams on the survival list. This time the friendly banter is gone and they look
to survive via punching each other. Our hosts lose the fight but they clearly show joy even in
This is just one moment captured and there is another video captured by Reddit. This precise
video was shared by user Isiloki and it shows how the properties of a vehicle are transferred to
the player of the game. In fact Reddit users have indeed captured wholesome moments on
PUBG PC and fans have plenty to cheer about. Life is surely going to change big for gaming fans.