Bloodborne finally coming to PC?


Saptarshi Mozumdar


Jun, 06.2020

Bloodborne is a 2015 action role-playing game made for PS4 by From Software. It is known as one of the best in the Soulsborne genre. Ever since its release, there was lot of expectation for a PC port. But, we had no news regarding this till May 2020.

The first time we heard anything relating to a Bloodborne release for PC was in mid-May. However, there was not much to back that statement up back then. Console games coming to PC should not be something astonishing at this point, as we already know that  Horizon Zero Dawn and Death Stranding will be soon coming to PC.

Now, on June 5, 2020, thanks to the twitter user Sloth Mom (@CaseyExplosion) we have some more information regarding Bloodborne. From the tweet, we are informed that the PC port was supposed to be announced in the PS5 event that got postponed

She also said that what we are getting is not a PC port, but a Remastered/HD edition which will be released for both PC and PS5.

Finally, she talked about the studio behind the remaster. Surprisingly, it’s not going to be From Software who developed the original Bloodborne. She did not reveal any details about who it is going to be, all she said was that we won’t be let down.

Other than Sloth Mom, another twitter user, Wario64 tweeted “You can play Bloodborne on PC with PS Now...or wait a little longer”. Wario64 is a reputable and trusted source of such information.
All of this leads us to believe that we are most definitely getting the remastered/HD version of Bloodborne soon on PC and PS5.