Halo Infinite Mister Chief DLC out now


Samriddha Saha


Jan, 04.2022

Since its debut earlier this month, 343 Industries has continued to add new content to Halo Infinite on a regular basis. While much of this content has been free, such as new playlists, revamped challenges, and bug patches, the studio has also released some expensive DLC. This trend continues this week, with the release of the new "Mister Chief" DLC for Halo Infinite.
Mister Chief, in the form of a variety of new cosmetic items, has made its way into Halo Infinite starting today. This Mister Chief DLC bundle, which can be purchased in-game, includes a number of new items that look like the series' long-running mascot. This DLC pack, which contains a new vehicle decal, weapon charm, and AI companion, is now available for 2,000 credits. "You're the pinnacle of human achievement and a perfect encapsulation of human brilliance, and now there's a Personal AI to match," tweeted 343 in response to the new DLC pack's release.

You're the absolute zenith of human endeavor and a perfect encapsulation of human talent, and now there's a Personal AI to match. The Mister Chief pack is available now in the #HaloInfinite Shop! pic.twitter.com/zYZfagNKUe

— Halo (@Halo) December 28, 2021

You're certainly not alone if you're reading this and have no idea who Mister Chief is. The character initially appeared in blog entries from former Halo developer Bungie over 15 years ago. The character was popular with the Halo community, and he has subsequently featured in a variety of additional versions over the years. As you can probably guess, Mister Chief's name is a pun on Master Chief, the primary protagonist of the whole Halo franchise. His appearance is similar to Master Chief's, however, he wears a funny grin that can be seen through his armor. Try not to worry too much about how that works.

As previously stated, if you're interested in picking up this Mister Chief bundle, it's available right now in all Halo Infinite versions. If you haven't already done so, you can play the game on Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC.