Exclusive update PUBG PC getting a free weekend on Steam from June 4, 2020


Soumi Sarkar


Jun, 05.2020

Exclusive update PUBG PC getting a free weekend on Steam from June 4, 2020
The Battle Royale game PUBG has just got a limited period discount for you. This is applicable
for the PC users on Steam. PUBG will be offering free to play for a weekend on PC platform
Steam. This means that the users can download and play it for free.
The free weekend commences from June 4 to June 8, 2020. It was announced on social media
accounts of PUBG.
The update of PUBG will first arrive followed by the Vikendi map reword hit with update 7.1. It
has a massive update having a lot of up gradation using the primary ones. It includes Ranked
Mode, adding of bots, weapon and armour balances to the game.
A new ‘Ranked’ sub-navigation option is added to the ‘Play’ section of the most important
navigation menu. This matches with the features with a maximum of 64 players. You’ll not find
any bots here. The players need to arrive at a minimal Survival Mastery level of 20, earlier than
they qualify for ranked. Further, depending on their stage and area, the players require
confirming their accounts by using SMS before they meet the criteria for Ranked mode. The
Ranked mode games will be arbitrarily played on Erangel, Sanhok or Miramar.
This mode will have an increase in the item loot spawns. As a whole, there are 6 tiers in the
Ranked system (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master) with 5 Divisions (V – I) within
each tier. 
Each player’s existing rank is stated by their Rank Points (RP) which will be provided in a queue.
Once a player dies, they will obtain an alteration to their RP based on their performance. The
metrics will determine the performances are Kills, Personal placement and Assists.
At the end of the season, players will be given Ranked rewards bottom on their Highest Ranked
tier that period. All players will be given a nameplate and emblem which will be recognizing
their Tier. The Leader boards are returned and updated to work with Ranked mode.
There are noticeable updates on the Bots which are finally added on the PC version of the game
with PUBG update 7.2. The bots will be having the skill to employ bullet drop mechanics and
appreciate good aiming at players. They can further be dodged like you are dodging normal
players. It will have loot and will be killed, hence carrying a lot of loot in each case won’t be
Even the Weapon and Armor Balance will have a major change in the game and Assault Rifles
are being targeted in this patch. Devs state that “The M416 has long been the most powerful

AR and one of the top guns in the game as a whole, so we’ve adjusted it and buffed some of the
other ARs to give players alternative options.”
With this new modernization in the game, ‘destroyed’ vests will no longer disappear, neither
the inventory space. Vests will prolong to offer 20% protection and insignificantly aim at the
punch lessening once shattered. The base protection level of the destroyed vest is same and it
doesn’t depend on the vest that you’re wearing. This will surely bring in more engagements and
make the game more happening overall.
These latest updates on PUBG will surely excite you. Will update more if any changes are made
on this part of the released news