Mysterious Jungle Spawns fresh features and brand new adventures await in the PUBG Mobile


Soumi Sarkar


Jun, 05.2020

Mysterious Jungle Spawns fresh features and brand new adventures await in the PUBG Mobile
The latest news update on the PUBG Mobile has created a new set of excitement among the PUBG
lovers. It has revealed a new theme update of the Mysterious Jungle in the beloved Sanhok map. The
players will get a chance to access the new set of awaiting adventures.
 Brief on PUBG Mobile
PUBG Mobile is based on the Player unknown’s battlegrounds. This phenomenon has taken the world of
interactive entertainment by a storm in the year 2017. Up to 100 players parachute onto the remote
island to battle in a winner-takes-all showdown. The players have to find and hunt for their own
weapons, vehicles and provisions to survive. They even defeat every player visually and tactically to
reach the battleground that further forces the players into a shrinking play zone.
PUBG mobile introduces a “Mysterious Jungle” with the latest features. This will be added to its classic
tactical gameplay in the intense and craggy forest map Sanhok. The theme of jungle update has added a
fresh feel and fun-filled experience in the intense battlefield. This is extremely exciting visually. It is
currently available and starting from today.
The players who have queued for Sanhok in Classic Mode, they will get a haphazard possibility to set in
motion and get into the new Jungle Adventure Mode. There are several additions of the mysterious
totems to obtain diverse blessings.  The PUBG players can get going Power Totems, Strategy Totems,
and Protection Totems to mend Vests and Helmets, reinstate Energy and bring back Health,
On this note of update, the mysterious and powerful totems, players can also understand the following
features and appearances in the new-fangled Jungle Adventure:
Jungle Food – This is a special fruit which grew throughout Sanhok. The players who burgled and munch
through them have the possibility to know-how mystical possessions. Random Buffs and Debuff permit
the players to be able to add logic to the Air Drops and the restoration of Health or Energy, or the cause
Hot Air Balloons – This all-new vehicle in the updated PUBG which allows players to acquire to the skies
and inspect the battlefield.
These newly added features are extremely engaging and more pompous for offering the players a
delightful PUBG game on their leisure hours.  In Today’s jungle update to the Sanhok map arrive in just
weeks after a sandstorm took over Miramar. It started delivering a massive wave of new-fangled
PUBG Mobile is now made available to download for free of charge on the App Store and Google Play.