Borderlands delays update due to racial injustice


Boidurjya Ganguly


Jun, 05.2020

Borderlands delays update due to racial injustice

Few games are as loud, totally over the top and action packed while still retaining a high level of
social commentary as the Borderlands franchise. The recent Borderlands 3 makes a lot of exposition
on social media, internet influencers etc. So, it should come as no surprise that Borderlands developer
Gearbox software has joined the Black Lives Matter movement and pushed back some of its
scheduled plans for Borderlands 3 in solidarity with the movement. The developers tweeted about
delaying the release of the Takedown at the Guardian Breach update. On top of that the studio is
muting its twitter channel (excluding this announcement) because of the state of the world right now.
The official tweet reads, “This week we muted our channel out of respect for what’s going on in the
world and we will be postponing the launch of Takedown at the Guardian Breach. We are increasing
funding for our 2K Foundations Program by and additional $1M and expanding its mission to help
fight racial injustice and inequalities in Black Communities across the Globe. Black Lives Matter.”

Gearbox also tweeted on June 3 rd , “Gearbox condemns racism and injustice. We hope that the anger
and grief of recent events spur lasting change. It is time to dismantle systematic racism and create an
inclusive America that delivers on the promise of liberty and justice for all.”
Gearbox confirmed that the ongoing Revenge of the Cartels event in Borderlands 3 will be
extended till the Takedown at the Guardian Breach update arrives. Gearbox joins many developers in
delaying their updates due to the current circumstances including Infinity Ward and Epic games. The
gaming community very clearly stands with the movement and with justice for the victims. Delay in
updates is a small but necessary sacrifice for the solidarity in times of darkness.