SwordArt is leaving TSM after earning a contract worth a record-breaking $6 million




Nov, 01.2021

SwordArt made LoL history by securing the highest-paid contract in the game's history in the offseason of 2021, but he is now leaving the company.

Hu "SwordArt" Shuo-chieh, TSM's starting support player for 2021, has been dropped, according to their official Twitter account. Before stepping foot on the LCS stage, the top support player made waves in the LCS. TSM signed SwordArt to a $6 million contract after an outstanding year with Suning Gaming.

Today we bid farewell to @TSM_SwordArt

Thank you for everything you contributed to #TSM during your time with the org. We wish you all the best with your next challenge. pic.twitter.com/KUMHTk1kIj

— TSM FTX (@TSM) October 29, 2021

SwordArt's relocation to North America was the highest-paying League of Legends esports deal ever. This deal was significantly more pricey than Cloud9's contract, which nabbed G2 midlaner Luka "Perkz" Perkovic.

SwordArt's performance on TSM was disappointing in his first year. The squad came in third place in the Mid-Season Showdown, losing to Team Liquid. TSM just missed out on Worlds 2021 in the Summer Split Playoffs after being knocked out by Cloud9, their regular opponents.

TSM has already restructured their roster now that the season is ended. After Soren "Bjergsen" Bjergsen opted to return to professional hockey, but not as a TSM, no one on the roster seemed to have a guaranteed berth. The other four members of the 2021 starting lineup have yet to be confirmed, but SwordArt's departure could be the first of several offseason moves.

The future of SwordArt is unknown.

The star support player's home is still in the PCS, where he was a member of the Flash Wolves for many years. SwordArt makes the switch to the LPL on Suning in 2018. SwordArt could simply return to the PCS or LPL, look for opportunities in North America, or call it a day after an almost nine-year career.

SwordArt has yet to say anything about his next step or his resignation from TSM.