After an exciting series against 100 Thieves, Rise battles their way intothe NA LCQ Grand Finals.


Samriddha Saha


Nov, 01.2021

Rise narrowly defeated 100 Thieves in a three-game nailbiter in the North American LCQ.

Despite numerous technical and logistical challenges, the North American Last Chance Qualifiers have progressed to the grand finals and have discovered their first grand finalist. Rise has been one of the tournament's biggest surprises, battling their way through a difficult bracket. In 100 Thieves, the Rise team overcame Masters Berlin representatives after knocking out FaZe and Cloud9.

Tomorrow, Cloud9 and Xset will compete to determine who will face 100 Thieves in the lower bracket finals. Both 100 Thieves and Cloud9 have demonstrated tremendous teamwork, yet both of these teams may be forced to face Rise a second time.

How 100 Thieves were Upset on the Rise

This series' three matches were all played on a knife's edge, with each team coming within a few rounds of taking the lead. Rise had the better of Breeze right away, coming back from a 7-5 deficit to win the first game.

Still have your doubts? 😈

1-0 lead in the series. #WeRise

— Rise (@TheRiseNation) October 30, 2021

By choosing Rise's map, 100 Thieves swiftly retailed. On Ascent, the 100 Thieves team maintained a comfortable advantage throughout the game. Reina was another standout performance for the team's persistent duelist presence in Asuna, with 21 kills and 139.5 ADR.

Rise won the series 11-13 in a final thriller on Haven. Poised led Rise's comeback effort after they fell behind again at halftime. The squad qualified for the grand finals with 21 kills and 155.7 ADR. Rise, who were once only an afterthought, is now poised to represent North America on the grandest stage in VALORANT history.


The swing. The clutch. We're going to a third map!@AaronnFtw | #VALORANTLCQ

— VALORANT Champions Tour NA (@valesports_na) October 30, 2021

100 Thieves, on the other hand, are down but not out. Although this is undoubtedly a major setback for the company, there is yet a way back to the top. They'll have to wait for the winner of Cloud9 vs. Xset before getting another chance at Rise.