Everything you need to know about Valorant’s first battle pass


SAMRIDDHA SAHA (Gl1tch_mast3r)


Jun, 03.2020

The launch of VALORANT also means that the new Battle Pass is now available to players. With the Battle Pass players can unlock cosmetic items such as skins, titles and player cards by just playing the game and earning XP. 

How the Valorant Battle Pass works: how it works
The first Valorant Battle Pass will begin with Episode 1. Each episode will consist of multiple acts; each act a new Battle Pass. Approximately, rotations will occur every two months, when the upcoming act and its associated Battle Pass will end. "The VALORANT Act I Battle Pass will feature 50 levels that will be available for a limited time, and will offer both a free and a premium route."The Battle Pass is divided into a maximum of 10 chapters in its free modality, without being able to access the 5 items of the premium levels. When it comes to rewards, the Act I Battle Pass will include weapon skins, player cards, charms, graffiti, and titles to customize the gaming experience. The premium model adds more content to the equation, like a Kingdom melee knife at the end of Chapter 10. The next Battle Passes will be different and each will have different themed rewards.

Since Valorant is free to play, the Battle Pass is the main source of income for Riot's new title, along with other purchasable skins. With 1000 Valorant Points or the equivalent of €10 you unlock the premium Battle Pass, but there is also a free version that offers more humble rewards.Players that don’t want to buy the battle pass won’t be left out of the action entirely. Riot is also offering a free pass that will give players a few rewards like titles, sprays, and eventually even a weapon skin.

Acts and tiers
The VALORANT Battle Pass will progress in different acts as we start off with act I, called Ignition. In total you’ll have 50 tiers to unlock for the next two months before they move on to the next act. As mentioned earlier, people who bought the premium Battle Pass will have a lot more items available compared to the free Battle Pass.

During the live ESPN 12-hour stream in relation to the official release of VALORANT, Riot Developers confirmed the pricing for VALORANT’s first battle pass. The VALORANT battle pass will cost 1000 VALORANT Points also known as VP or equal to $10 USD.


  • If you are spending time playing VALORANT, you should earn XP and progress towards unlocking cosmetic items for your collection.
  • People that don’t opt-in to the Premium Battlepass should still be able to earn the rewards that commemorate their participation during the Battlepass' duration. The feeling of “I was there” is something we want everyone to be proud of.
  • If you purchase the Premium version of the Battlepass, you will simply get more rewards. There is no pay to win.
  • Quality of rewards takes priority over quantity.