Saudi Crown prince spends more than $9000 ON DOTA 2 BATTLE PASS – VALVE INCREASES LEVELING SPEED


SAMRIDDHA SAHA (Gl1tch_mast3r)


Jun, 02.2020

Dota 2’s Battle Pass was released on May 25 and in just over a week the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia has climbed over 20 000 levels. Many Dota 2 players were eager to get their hands on the new 2020 Battle Pass. The latter proved to be arguably the best one so far as it includes two new personas, three arcanas, and much more content.

Each year the Dota 2 community tries to outdo itself and break new records with the Battle Pass. Last year, the prize pool reached $34.3 million, becoming the biggest in esports history. At this pace, The International 10's prize pool is set to eclipse the record-breaking TI9 prize pool, with ease. Although you can grind out the levels by playing and earning them, many big spenders prefer to just use their wallet. According to the site one player has exceeded the mark of $9000 spent on the Battle Pass. The player in question is Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz al-Saud, Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia. His Battle Pass stands alone at the top with a staggering level of 22348.The crown prince is quite infamous for his spending habit as he has also claimed the top spot in the prior years. 2017 he even set a record by leveling his battle pass up to level 175,000.
As the majority of players has considerably less disposable income to use on the Battle Pass, Valve has been criticized for giving out less rewards per level and decried as “greedy”. 

Valve increases leveling speed
In their update on June 1 Valve has addressed these concerns by the community and increased the rate at which Battle Pass levels can be earned.

Valve has implemented the following adjustments to the leveling process:
* Wagering battle point rewards are now increased by 50%
* Guild contract battle point rewards are now increased by 50%
* Sideshop gold for recycling is increased by 65%
* Sideshop gold for guild contracts and upgrades are increased by 100%
In their statement the developer said that although on average players have earned more free levels in comparison to last year, they recognized that players “wish playing granted more” and adjusted accordingly.
The coming days will tell if the changes are sufficient to mollify the players. Regardless of the criticism the prize pool continues to grow at a frantic pace, having recently passed $12 million.