Half-Life Alyx Update 1.4 introduces implausible New Liquid Physics


Soumi Sarkar


Jun, 02.2020

Half-Life: Alyx Update 1.4 introduces implausible New Liquid Physics
Feeling excited to update on the exhilarating new features and updates of the Half-Life: Alyx one of the
best games, creating a vast level impact on the gameplay. It has received the latest update by bringing
on the game to the latest version 1.4. This has added a nifty new-fangled feature- liquid inside bottles. It
is not usually a kind of thing that can excite us but Half-Life: Alyx New liquid Physics is an exception
among all.
The latest gifs proposed by the Half-Life: Alyx show that the new liquid is inside the bottle making it look
extremely realistic. This new feature isn’t the liquid itself but the physics underpinning it, which makes it
look much more impressive in VR.
The updated version 1.4 Half-Life: Alyx has added a lot many features and fixes to the game. It includes
the raft to the new subtitles, crash fixes and UI improvements. The workshop is modernized based on
the updates of the game. This is good news for the people who like to tinker.
Half-Life Alyx Update 1.4 Game Features are listed below;
         There is an added subtitle for players belonging to Brazilian, Czech, Hungarian, Italian,
Polish, Portuguese, Ukrainian, and Vietnamese players
         The Bottles now become observable to have liquid inside them that sloshes around once
you shake them.
         UI seems to appear much quicker when returning to Main Menu
         There is an improvement to add-on management UI
         The Game Fixes are listed below;
         The added checks for users are loading a save game with the missing of add-ons (eg.
unsubscribed or deleted)
         Added error message(if a game fails to load due to a missing map) is often requested by an
         Various other crash fixes
         Fixed bug when exiting the game by closing the SteamVR. This could produce badly saved
The workshop features of Half-Life: Alyx Update 1.4 simply enables the Post-processing Editor
(Documentation). You can add "Custom Character" example addon (Documentation). Blind Zombie
(a.k.a. Jeff), Hacking and Toner Puzzles, Parked Vehicles and other Interactive Prefabs, Visibility System
(Documentation) and Post-processing Volumes (Documentation) are required.
By adding together the core functionality necessary for the Lua scripting and added some Alyx-specific
script bindings for the query of the VR controller input and creating nav mesh paths from entity scripts.
The workshops enabled live bone constraints in SFM that can be enabled as procedural bones, like cloth.

There are ways for workshop fixes as well. By adding meshes, fixing import sequences, or sequences
with animated root orientation.
The game Half-Life: Alyx Update 1.4 has received a universal review of 9/10 by the top game sits. If you
are lacking VR set-up for it, you can check out the guide provided by the various sites to listen to the
soundtrack of Half-Life: Alyx Update 1.4.