Best Games 2020 The most essential games of the first half of the year so far


Soumi Sarkar


Jun, 02.2020

Top 3 Games 2020: The most essential games of the first half of the year so far
Games have taken over the craze among the juniors to the adults. If you are thinking which game will
take over the market of games in 2020, then this article may help you to find it. There has been a sharp
increase in the release of the games both of PC and console. With the latest series of Xbox Series X and
PS5, there will be more releases in later half of the year. It is difficult to keep track of the games thus, we
have made it clear in a list about the games in detail.
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Game: Dreams: Release Date February 14, 2020
It is less like a game and more influencing like a platform. This is developed by Media Molecule who also
created Little Big Planet. The game Dreams allow the players to play, generate and divide worlds,
artwork, games, music and many more. The creation of Dreams provides the players with a plethora of
tools which will get you more with creativity. It is not necessary for you to be artistic to play this; you
can just take advantage of the incredible creations of others.
Game: Ori and the Blind Forest: Release date March 10, 2020
Ori and the Blind Forest- the best Xbox One games, released back in the year 2015. Ori and the Will of
the Wisps was considered to be the sequel of it. Thus, hopes were high. This game not only lives up to
the original, but it has improved every way. From the art style to a significant combat system, Ori and
the Will of the Wisps will enable the process to test your abilities as a gamer, by pulling on your
heartstrings with its touching story.
Game: Animal Crossing: New Horizons: Release date: March 20, 2020
The first new entry of the mainline Animal Crossing series for the last eight years and the first entry of
playable on the Nintendo Switch- satisfied by game Animal Crossing: New Horizons. It is the perfect
game to kick back and take the things at its own pace. It is somehow similar to fresh and familiarity, with
a deft combination of old and enjoyable parts of the series. It holds a greater depth that one can ever
think of.
Enjoy downloading one and explore the fun filled games. Will update on the latest games shortly.