FIFA 22 Pro Clubs: EA's latest trailer showcase all-new features within the game mode


Samriddha Saha


Sep, 12.2021

On Wednesday, EA Sports revealed updated pitch notes for Pro Clubs mode. The Deep Dive explains how the interaction is facilitated, as well as how player development occurs.

FIFA fans love the Pro Clubs mode. Women can now be separately designed for the first time in the next spinoff, FIFA 22, which will be published on October 1st. This implies that additional options for player and club development are available.

Grab the whole squad for a brand new season of Pro Clubs in #FIFA22 💪. Check out the trailer and read the Pitch Notes for all the details ➡️

— EA SPORTS FIFA (@EASPORTSFIFA) September 8, 2021

Thanks to spontaneous games, you'll be able to go faster on the virtual grass.
With the spontaneous game feature, you can search for a match with up to four friends. This works with players as well, both inside and outside of your own club. As a result, more games should be achievable in less time. Your character gains experience points as well. The results of the spontaneous game have no bearing on your own club's statistics.

Individual preferences are selected in advance in order to be set up appropriately in the games. As a result, you have more opportunities to grow as a person than you did previously. Overall, your player development is determined by the activities you conduct during the game. Passes, shoots, and duels, for example, have a direct impact on the number of experience points earned. Perks can also be obtained as you progress through the game. The "Virtual Pro" has a level cap of 25.

The Perks mechanics are brand new ( we reported ). A Virtual Pro has up to three options for receiving offensive or defensive buffs. This ranges from long-range shots to capturing the ball or, in the case of goalkeepers, also favors the parades and positional play.

There will also be more options for team adjustments. In FIFA 22, the following elements can be individually adjusted in club management:

Jersey and coat of arms
Home stadium
Club nickname (comment name)
Stadium theme (banner)
Stadium color
Seat color
Line color
Space wear
Field color
Lawn pattern
Goal net pattern
Goal net type
Goal net


EA Sports is also leading the way in terms of women's football. Because female professionals, who can be formed in the same way as male professionals, can play on the virtual grass together and have no disadvantages. The rest is down to personal preference and perk choosing.