Steam Deck: Not all titles in the library are likely to work with it.


Samriddha Saha


Sep, 08.2021

Codeweavers President James B. Ramey said a few days ago in a podcast with Boilingsteam that the Steam Deck will probably not be able to handle all titles from the Steam library, as compatibility problems with Proton could arise.

Contrary to expectations, aren't all the games from the Steam library playable on the upcoming handheld Steam Deck, as Valve developer Pierre-Loup Griffais promised in an interview at the end of July? At least that's what James B. Ramey, President of Codeweavers, believes. The company was largely responsible for Wine, which in turn is an important part of Proton. With the latter, Windows titles are known to run on Linux-based SteamOS, which should also be used in the Steam Deck.

The entire Steam library is apparently not playable after all
According to ProtonDB, over 16,000 titles can currently be played using the software, but not all titles from the Steam library, James B. Ramey suspects and fears that these will not be compatible with Proton and the Steam Deck, as he said in a podcast with Boilingsteam recently revealed. The stumbling block for this assumption was an interview with Valve developer Pierre-Loup Griffais in July of this year. He said at the time: "All the games that we wanted to make playable, the entire library is really available. We have not yet found anything that would not run on the device."

James B. Ramey believes, without being able to say for sure, that Pierre-Loup Griffai's statement has been misinterpreted. Rather, it should have been about the fact that the Steam Deck was able to handle any game from the Steam library from a hardware perspective. James B. Ramey doubts that this case was about compatibility with Proton, but more about the game's system requirements for the Steam Deck.

Regarding Proton itself, the Codeweavers President has to say that it is a living, non-static project that is constantly evolving: "A lot of efforts have been put into Proton to support a wider range of games, even now This is what you will see when the Steam Deck is released and Proton is added, which means that a larger number of games are supported. "