Watch Dogs Legion Is Free This Weekend


Saptarshi Mozumdar


Sep, 04.2021

Watch Dogs Legion is the latest Watch Dogs game by Ubisoft so far. The game, just like the previous Watch Dogs games, is an open world, third person shooter, with hack playing a big role in it. But, in Watch Dogs Legion, the group members you select are also very crucial. Anyway, there is some really good news for all of you who have not yet gotten Watch Dogs Legion. Watch Dogs Legion will be free to play for this weekend, that is, starting from today, September 3, 2021, all the way till September 5, 2021. And, it is only for PC. So, if you are on a console, no such luck for you.

Watch Dogs Legion is free via the Epic Games Store, or the Ubisoft Store. However, even if you get it on the  Epic Games Store, you would still need the Ubisoft client anyway. That is how Ubisoft games work these days. Upon playing, and trying Watch Dogs Legion this free weekend, if you like it and decide to buy it, then there is a massive discount running as well. Watch Dogs Legion comes in various versions/editions. And, currently, all are having 60% off, so if you are planning on getting it, now is quite an excellent time. Not to mention, there is a 25% discount on the season pass as well. Having the season pass will grant you exclusive cosmetics, content, etc.

Watch Dogs Legion is quite a fun to play game for those of you who like playing games that have a rich, and diverse open world, while also being a third person shooter with lots of other unique elements. Not to mention, the various members of your group come with various unique loadouts and abilities, which makes it feel a bit like RPG as well. Not to mention the game has gotten lots of post-release content as well making it even better and will continue to do so in the near future.

So, if you wanted to play an open world, third person shooter with good visuals, fun gameplay, then Watch Dogs Legion is an excellent option for you. And, now it is free for the weekend as well. So, go ahead play it, and try it. If you like it, you can also get it at a massive discount. It cannot get any better than this!