Riot reveals new Mexican agent 'Reyna' for Valorant : Here are all of Reyna’s abilities


SAMRIDDHA SAHA (Gl1tch_mast3r)


Jun, 02.2020

Just days before the offcial launch of it's upcoming tactical shooter based game,Riot Games has added one more agent to the valorant's agent list and had unveiled the eleventh agent for VALORANT. The newest addition to the FPS’s roster is Reyna from Mexico. Riot showed off a short gameplay teaser of the new agent in action to announce Reyna’s entry to VALORANT to shake up the tier list. 

Reyna’s abilities all revolve around her passive skill, which causes eliminated opponents to leave black orbs behind. These can be picked up for varying effects. You can choose either a heal (Q) or three seconds of invulnerability (E) depending on which skill you use to regain her health. Her third ability is a flash. Reyna summons a sphere that she places on the map, enemies looking at it will be blinded as demonstrated in the trailer by Jett. According to the report her ultimate is a stim pack that improves rate of fire and reduces cooldown on her abilites. Using E turns makes her invulnerable during the ultimate apparently turns you invisible.This agent can be used very well by the players who have an aggressive playing style. She is a powerhouse when it comes to playing the game aggressively mainly because of the fact that she enters into a frenzy which increases her firing speed, equipment and reload speed dramatically.But is she any good in a competitive or is she good enough to be the best valorant agent? we'll see if that turns out to be true after we test it out.


Reyna's Tips and Tricks

  • Soul Orbs can be collected from dead opponents who are killed by Reyna only, they only last for a few seconds and cannot be taken into the next round.
  • Two of Reyna's abilities count on collecting Soul Orbs, so killing opponents is key to success.
  • Reyna's blinding ability will continue blinding opponents until destroyed, use it as a distraction to keep your opponents looking away from you.
  • Reyna's Invulnerability stops you from firing any weapons and should be used to get out of sticky situations.

Although the report offers us a small overview of the abilities we will have to wait until VALORANT’s release on June 2 to see them in action.