Life is Strange: True Colors DLC Will Be There Three Weeks After Its Launch


Saptarshi Mazumdar


Aug, 12.2021

The first Life Is Strange game out only a few years ago, and since then it has already got a sequel, lots of DLCs, and the third game of its series, Life is Strange: True Colors also got announced just a few months ago. Now, it seems that according to one of its new Twitter post, True Colors will be getting a DLC only three weeks after it gets launched. Check out the Tweet below:

An update from the Life is Strange team

— Life is Strange (@LifeIsStrange) August 11, 2021

The developers of Life is Strange just made a big post on Twitter regarding the release dates for its upcoming games. Life is Strange: True Colors is a game that many have been waiting for, and with this new post, it is confirmed that it is not getting delayed. It is still set to release on September 10, just as it was initially. However, now we also know that the Life is Strange DLC, named Wavelengths is also coming within three weeks after the release of Life is Strange: True Colors. However, when it comes to the upcoming Remastered Collection, for that we would have to wait. The Remastered Collection is delayed to early 2022 for all the platforms. Furthermore, it can either e purchased as a standalone variant and will also be available as a part of the True Colors Ultimate Edition.

But, what to expect of Life is Strange: Wavelengths? Well, Wavelengths will be launching on September 30 specifically. And, it is a prequel story that will allow the players to play as DJ Steph. There is a lot to talk about here about this new DLC, we recommend you going over the Steam listing page to learn more about this. Click here to head over to the Steam listing.

As for the delay for the release of the Remastered Collection, it is due to the ongoing pandemic, and to reduce the pressure on the team. After all, it is not an easy task getting a new game, a new DLC, and also the remastered collection in a tight time frame. So, this is very much understandable.

It is quite surprising to see that the DLC is releasing merely three weeks after the release of Life is Strange: True Colors. However, that sadly leads to the delay of the Remastered Collection that many had been waiting for.