FNATIC Drops PUBG Mobile Roster: Know more


SAMRIDDHA SAHA (Gl1tch_mast3r)


May, 29.2020

Fnatic is a professional gaming organization with registered offices in England, Australia and the Netherlands.The team was founded by Sam Mathews with Joris Van Laerhoven and Anne Mathews in 2004, who mainly operates out their London offices.Fnatic is one of the biggest eSports franchisee in the world and has fielded numerous well known professional gamers in a variety of eSports titles.Months back,they decided to form a PUBG Mobile Roster consisting mostly of Indian players which means they had actually spotted out and well scouted the Indian PUBG Mobile Scene closely and had seen some of the most extraordinary talents the world can find,in India.

As announced by Fnatic on its official Instagram handle, PMPL South Asia 2020 would be the last tournament for the squad with the current roster. There will be changes in the squad that will be announced after the PMPL gets over. Although, this did not came as a surprise to the fans because of the series of disagreements that had followed within the team.

Date                                 Place                            Tier                          Tournament

2020-05-22                     12th                                     Minor                   PorusPlay League S1 Month 1  
2020-05-19                       7th                                     Minor                   Skyesports Grand Slam: PUBGM Invitational      
2020-05-15                     5 - 10th                                Minor                   Higin TDM Championship       
2020-05-15                       5th                                     Minor                   OR Championship - Legends Rise 2020      
2020-05-13                      15th                                    Minor                   PUBGM Veteran Showdown: Captain's League       
2020-05-10                      14th                                    Minor                   PMPL - Spring Split 2020: SA Scrims Season 3 Week 3       
2020-05-05                       9th                                     Major                   Gamers Without Borders 2020: Asia      
2020-05-03                       6th                                     Minor                    PMPL - Spring Split 2020: SA Scrims Season 3 Week 2      
2020-04-26                       4th                                     Minor                    India Today League PUBGM Invitational       
2020-04-26                       2nd                                    Minor                    PMPL - Spring Split 2020: SA Scrims Season 3 Week 1    


  • 18 October 2019: Fnatic entered the PUBG Mobile scene after signing the roster of Indian team XSpark. Following the acquisition, Fnatic announced plans to construct a gaming facility in India.
  • 28 November 2019: Fnatic underwent a roster change with Inyourdream being replaced by Ash along with Pratik "Aurum" Mehra being brought in as a coach.
  • 22 December 2019:The team won its first offline event at the PUBG Mobile All Stars in Hyderabad, India.
  • 27 January 2020:Fnatic began training at a temporary boot camp in Mumbai
  • 23 April 2020: Fnatic decides to drop current PUBG Mobile Roster after PUBG Mobile Pro League ends.

Active Squad

ID                                                         Name                                             Role                                     Join Date        

Sc0utOP                                         Tanmay Singh                                           Scout                                         2019-10-18 
Ronak                                      Harpreet Singh Janjuha                            Sniper/Support                                2019-10-18 
Owais                                    Mohammed Owais Lakhani                                IGL                                           2019-10-18            
Paritosh (Substitute)                  Paritosh Sharma                                      Assaulter                                         2019-10-18
Ash                                           Ashish Bhatnagar                                Assaulter/Support                                2019-11-27 
Franky                                         Gaurav Rawat                                     Sniper/Assualter                                 2020-03-11

Fnatic PUBG Mobile Instagram page-

We look back at the past months as some of the most proud and important ones in Black and Orange history. We marked the start of our journey in India.
During this time, we've seen some fantastic players carry the Fnatic crest on their chest. Some moments have been incredible, some less so. But, at the end of the day, we can proudly say that there are now tens of thousands of fans supporting this organisation and the players who are signed to us.
With that, all great stories come with challenges, and sometimes we have to make changes in order for each and every player to prosper and become the best they can be. So, it is with both sadness and excitement that we announce that the PMPL will be our last dance with the current lineup. One final ride with the boys who started this journey. This lineup will always be an Emotion. We've got nothing but love for each of the players. But, as in many walks of life, the paths of individuals cross impermanently.As the PMPL concludes, we will reveal the changes—we hope to see all of you there. We understand that this might upset some of you. But, for 15 years at Fnatic, we've created great talent, built fantastic teams and we can still remember every single one whose path crossed with ours. That is why our hashtag is more than a hashtag, it's a mantra.
It's then.
It's now
It's #alwaysfnatic.