The Call Of Duty: Warzone Bunker Guide: Location And Guide To Unlock


Soumi Sarkar


May, 25.2020

The Call Of Duty: Warzone Bunker Guide: Location And Guide To Unlock
There is new fun to explore for Call of Duty Warzone fans and it is the presence of secret bunkers, which
has increased the excitement levels amidst fans. This is not a new development and it was always in
place. However, it is until now that the bunkers were lying dormant.
They were however quickly spotted by fans after the game launch and they are tempting. Is there an
Easter egg waiting in those bunkers? There are plenty of such questions in mind, but alas they are shut by
an obstinate keypad. However, there is always a process to open it and let me offer an update.
It is however not easy to open the bunker doors and they are strong. The players who have had any form
of access to the bunkers say that they are imposing and have large yellow bars acting as barricade.
One will also come across some bunkers located within large circular structures and the doors here are
also imposing with barricades. In fact we would suggest that to locate the bunkers precisely you look to
follow the map. They will give you an exact location of the bunkers. 
The first bunker is located in the north end of the map and it is adjacent to the crash site. The bunker 2 is
west of the first bunker and located close to the dam. The third bunker is located east of bloc 15 and the
precise location of bunker 4 is south of bunker 3.Once you follow the map, one will get the perfect
You will require a red access keycard for reaching out to these bunkers. You could simply opt for loot or
even kill a player who has one. You will need to use the red access keycard on the keypad close to the
bunker and the yellow gates should open up. It is inside that you are bound to stumble upon some loot.