The first 8TB M.2 SSD Is Coming


Soumi Sarkar


May, 25.2020

The first 8TB M.2 SSD Is Coming
The Rocket Q family of Sabrent was always popular amidst gaming fans and there are more news updates
in this regard. The latest announcement is the inclusion 8TB M.2 solid state drive into the family. You
would be eager to take note and the highlight of this new addition is the double capacity of the previous
models. You would be keeping an eye on the pricing and that is yet to be decided.
However, we got some hint and would like to say that it will be a tag higher than most PC gamers.
However, as someone with the knack for gaming, you would realize that stream libraries are growing and
game installs take up more space. It is precisely the reason for us to say that such SSD drives are a
valuable addition.  
You should bump into 8TB drives in the market but they are in the 2.5 inch size. However, the product on
offer from Sabrent has special features. They have been able to fit it inside the smaller cable free M 2
form factor.
There are a few details leaking out for the new model and we can start by saying that this particular drive
uses NVME technology. It also boasts of a PCle 3.0x4 interface. We spoke to the manufacturers and they
are expecting it to be quite fast on the smaller Rocket Q models.
We would like to clarify that right at the start this model is unlikely to fall in the affordable price category
for enthusiastic gamers. The 4TB M.2 SSD model of Sabrent quotes at $759.99 and hence for this model,
one can assume that it will be double the price at the launch stage. 
However, there will be more work done on this model and we strongly believe the quote for 8TB M.2
SSD will come down in the near future.