Today’s Best Gaming Deals: Switch Pro Controller, Sega Genesis Mini And More


Soumi Sarkar


May, 25.2020

Today’s Best Gaming Deals: Switch Pro Controller, Sega Genesis
Mini, And More
The gaming industry is buzzing with new offers and it seems that the word change is the only static thing
here. It is with every passing week that a new set of discounted games, techs are being introduced. There
are many great deals in the market today but the focal point of attraction is a large sized sale at the Epic
Game Store. It is alongside you get a free game and the big announcement is in the form of a steep
discount on the Sega Genesis Mini. You also get a full year of PlayStation Plus for a mere $24. Let me
offer some of the details in brief.
Sega Genesis Mini:
It has been the best amidst mini retro consoles of late and today multiple retail outlets are offering it. It is
the discount on the console, which is the highlight feature. It is normally priced at $80, but today you get
it at $50. This console is available with 40 loaded games right from the start. Some of these games are
really exciting and we would like to take mention of Sonic the Hedgehog, Castlevania. There is also
demand for Golden Axe and Ecco the Dolphin. The highlight features of this console are two consolers
and it allows one to play multiplayer titles with other people.    
The Switch Pro Controller:
This is a controller, which offers a traditional feel than the Switch Joy- Cons. The product is from the
house of Nintendo.  It is surely available at a discounted rate and earlier the price was $70. However, we
checked out the Wal-Mart store and found the quote at $59.  There is more on offer and one can expect a
T shirt sale on GameStop. One must note that the quote for T shirt is only $7. There is plenty on offer for
people who adore games, techs and one is sure to benefit significantly.