The Latest Fortnite Update Is Live Now With Operation: Infiltration Mode


Soumi Sarkar


May, 25.2020

The Latest Fortnite Update Is Live Now With Operation: Infiltration Mode
There is good news for Nintendo switch mobile device users and specific update is that a new version of
the Fortnite is on offer. It is other than such mobile devices, the users of PC, play station 4 and Stadia can
avail this update. It is the brainchild of developer Epic Games but they yet to come out with every detail
in the pack.
However, the news update has thrilled the players already and most have begun to compile the list. The
specific name given to the update is Fortnite v12.60 and it is exciting for people who are addicted to
This update is inclusive of the return of Riot Control Baton pickaxe and alongside there have been some
key additions. This update is inclusive of Grappler and Jetpack into the party royal mode. This update has
made a difference via inclusion of operation infiltration.
It is a limited time mode and the mode selection screen is different here. It boasts of an UI overhauled and
this development allows you to reach the shop, item locker at the end of the game. It is prior to this update
you had to exit the game completely at least of PC for this function.
The Fortnite themes have enjoyed huge success with Epic Games ever since the launch of Battle Royal
almost three years ago. You can gauge from the fact that in this period Fortnite has managed to clock in a
figure of $1billion from mobile micro transactions alone. Epic Games confirmed that the schedule of
Fortnite Season 3 has been pushed back a bit and it commences of June 4 th . It is immediately after the
wrap of season 2.
However, there is plenty more additional content on offer in the upcoming season and participants are
sure to have a nice time.