An Insight Into Four Sky Heart Piece Locations For The Zelda: Skyward Sword HD


Soumi Sarkar


Jul, 17.2021

A participant of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD needs to obtain maximum health and the journey to achieve
the target is not easy. You need to locate every piece of heart piece and they lie scattered in multiple
locations.  However, as a participant, you need not have to worry because we have done the hard work of
compiling four of these locations. One should note that some of the heart pieces are even linked to
Goddess Cubes and these are artifacts. As you follow them, it should reveal a treasure chest in the sky
region. We have noted the cube location as the corresponding chest and it is easy to identify by Fi with a
little icon on your map. There are other heart piece locations and we have compiled a guide. 
Pumpkin Landing: Inside The Lumpy Pumpkin
You will need to step inside a lumpy pumpkin and pick up the next piece of heart.  The precise location is
on an island, which is east of the Skyloft. It is littered with rupees and a piece of heart and that makes the
proprietor proud. The piece is located upstairs into the banister closest to the chandelier. 
Fun Fun Island: Skydiving Mini-Game
It is during the quest to retrieve the fallen propeller from Eldin Volcano, you will acquire scrapper. There
is also the scope assist Dodoh, the ever-so-sad clown on this island. This character needs your help to
retrieve the part wheel from the desert. You can navigate to the desert entrance and one can even blow up
a rock close to the nearby Minecraft. It now shows a Timeshift Stone and once you hit it hard, it will open
a pathway, which leads to the Party Wheel. You must return the Party Wheel to Dodoh and he will
activate a sky diving mini game. Your role is to navigate to multiplayer rings one should land in the 50
rupee zone to net link a piece of heart. 
Skyloft: Zelda's Room In The Knight Academy
You first need to acquire a clawshot and then return to the Skyloft. You can use it to access the Knight
Academy's roof via the chimney. You should enter directly into the room of none other than Zelda. There
should be a piece of heart to pick up in the cabinet. 
The guide is on four important locations, where you could find the heart. We hope it should be of
immense help to fans who participate in the game.