Crossplay between PC and consoles will be available in Battlefield 2042


Soumi Sarkar


Jul, 15.2021

DICE will be working on the consoles like PS4, PS5, Xbox series and the PC to let the crossplay
progression work out well. EA stated that DICE is now looking to build and test the Crossplay for
Battlefield 2042. It will make a sound similar to that of the Crossplay as it may be at its best.
The EA also says that the PC, PS5, will be having Xbox series of X/S Crossplay that will be tested during
the invites at Battlefield 2042. It is a sort of a technical alpha by the summer. It is hardest to take some
time out and built in the summer right now. It is very clear to the DICE that it will be more like looking at
the idea. The Battlefield 2042 will be having Crossplay that will give in itself a new room for the delayed
The definitive statements will offer an understanding of what we will be looking for to achieve in the
game as a gamer. We can expect PC and current generation consoles and offer Crossplay, Crossplay
progression and cross commerce support to the Battlefield 2042 all together will make the playing more
exciting overall. The playing will console the players to transfer the progression and in-game purchases in
the latest version releases.
The regular PC and console gamers will play out in the best possible way, as currently stated by EA. The
one major thing that you won’t be able to opt-out of all the AI bots is the servers to help to fill it up. It
will presumably help to encounter many gamers and their strategies to play out Battlefield 2042 in the
best way. All the platforms like the PS4, PC, Xbox Series, PS5 and player base will match it to win over
the situation extensively.
Both Xbox One and PS4 will be having the latest version of Battlefield 2042 to initiate Crossplay with
each other. The older consoles will be getting up to 64 new players in the latest version of Battlefield
2042. The new console is estimated at around 128 players to play in support.  
By October 22nd, 2021, Battlefield 2042 will probably state the detailed features of the Crossplay
integration. Conceding on the technical stuff will be cleared for the gamers as per the developer and DICE
engineers, as the new invitees for Battlefield 2042 are not clear and under the strict test of NDA. Many
more updates will be followed by soon.