COD: Modern Warfare And War zone Patch Notes - May Update


Soumi Sarkar


May, 25.2020

COD: Modern Warfare And Warzone Patch Notes - May Update
The gaming industry is coming out with updates thick and fast. The latest update is in regard to Call of
Duty Modern Warfare and the battle royal game Warzone. The update is recent and the specific date of
introduction is May 18 th . There has been introduction of brand new maps for modern warfare and also a
new Warzone battle royal. It is alongside one can expect a brand new armor box item. It has been
introduced to balance adjustments across both games.
You are bound to feel excited and we would like to say that the update is available right at this moment. It
is available as download for people who own Call of Duty Modern Warfare or even the Warzone version
on PS4.
You could always opt for a download but we would like to say that it is a fairly large size and will occupy
space. The point of interest will however always be on the new additions in the update. The attraction
here is the inclusion of a gunfight map for modern warfare and it is referred to as Aisle 9.
It also boasts of a modern warfare multiplayer map referred to as Hardhat. There is also talk that Modern
Warfare will get playlists for both Aisle 9 and Hardhat.
The inclusions do not end here and they have also look to add a DLC pack referred to as “Fearless”. This
pack is included in Call of Duty Endowment Charity.  The proceeds from here are utilized to help
veterans find work. The list is a long one and Spec Ops also boasts of a new mode, which is inclusive of
modified missions.
There are special variants included here such as headshots. It is recently that there have been plenty of
such updates for Call of Duty Modern Warfare and battle royal game Warzone. The participants of the
game are sure to enjoy it a lot.