Week 6 Legendary Quest made by the Fortnite Cattle. Read to Know More.


Soumi Sarkar


Jul, 13.2021

In Fortnite Season 7, all you require to explore is to place the cow decoys in the perfect position in the
farms. The main attraction is to earn 30,000 XP that is associated with the legendary quests. Normally,
several challenges are going to take over the region around the farmer's steel farm. The protest and
demands are left alone at home. These all are going to be starred in the Season 7 of the Fortnite game. If
you are looking for a cattle decoy location, you got a map that will certainly guide you through the
various locations. The written guide will help you completely take up the challenge and move on with the
rest of the game in Week 6.
Where will you be able to place Cow Decoys in Fortnite?
The latest plot includes the Cow decoys where Doctor Slone is present a hell-bent on sabotaging the
version of aliens. For the quest of playing Fortnite Season 7, all you need is to place the three cow decoys
in the fame and around the Corny complex. The legendary quest demands that you need to place the three
of these cow decoys all across the land. All the game locations will be shown that are meant to appear
while the challenge is live. You can choose from here which three works is going to be the best for you.
The placing of the cow decoys can be done with Corny Complex.
 Nearby the western white hay shed
 The crops are among the west of the central barn
 The northwest of the central barn is in front of the tall buildings
 There is a slight west side of the small southeastern shed
 The house and the crops are all in the Southeast areas of the house
 The southeast from the cow decoy lies near to the southeastern edge of the crops
As per the updates, seven more Cow is decoyed to the location around the Steel farm. It is all across to the
river from the Corny complex, where it is marked for those who prefer to check in there. The story is
wisely designed and made to make it enjoyable for the users. It is great to imagine the edge cutting tech
speculated from these cows as they are abducted from the scene. Thus Fortnite Season 7 is doing to be
epic and explorative.