Call Of Duty Has Set A New World Record In The Gaming Industry


Soumi Sarkar


May, 19.2020

Call Of Duty Has Set A New World Record In The Gaming Industry
The Call Of Duty theme seems to be in focus amidst players of PUBG and rightly so. The benchmark has
been set by the warzone squad and it is recently they have set a world record for feature kills. They have
reached an astonishing figure of 121 kills in a quad match just recently.
This is a figure, which is sure to raise a few eyebrows. You would be eager to be introduced to the team,
which achieved this incredible feat and we would gladly oblige. These names are renowned amidst Call
Of Duty steamers and plenty have heard about Teepee, Symfuhny, Huskerrs or even Doug. These are the
guys who contributed immensely to achieve this incredible feat. You would perhaps be eager to take a
look at the scoreboard and it looks this way.
 Teepee has 31 kills
 Huskeers has the most at 34 kills
 Doug has 32 kills to his name
 Symfuhny can also proudly claim 24 kills.
Symfuhny shared his experience with us on Twitter and admitted that the team got carried away.
However, he said that as a team they were focused on hitting the world record. Teepee went a step
forward and shared a video of the last record-breaking kill. People who are acquainted with this game are
aware that there are 150 players in each lobby.
This team achieved the impossible feat of taking out 121 of them. It is not at all a surprise that praises
have been pouring in from all quarters. Pro player Nadeshot in a tweet says that he could not even fathom
how the guys pulled it off. It is however not clear what was the earlier record, but this is certainly a
Hence, these names are much talked about amidst Call Of Duty followers lately.