Beware The Driving Horror Game Shows A Spooky Map And Killer Trucks


Soumi Sarkar


Jul, 08.2021

It is a fearful scenario as you are driving on a spooky night and as you glance up at your rearview mirror,
it is a sight of a pair of headlights constantly following you. The scenario could not be more horrifying
and these are scary scenarios. Horror was a part and parcel of life even before that and people from the
bygone era felt similar while spotting the eyes of a predator in the darkness. 
Gaming fans can expect something similar on playing the driving horror game titled “Beware”. This is a
spine-chilling game and it should strike a chord well with fans who love horror. There had been a demo
release for this game in the year 2018. We had tried it out to and it proved to be incredibly creepy and
even alarming to some extent. The game starts with the participant driving a car right through a dark,
foggy world. The other scary aspect is that the drive is at night/ Is the whole scenario a bit unsettling for
you? The scary aspect does not end here because you are pursued by other cars, which have creepy
faceless goons as passengers in them. They must no way catch up with you or else bad things could
There has been a relatively new video introduced for this game and we took a look. In this video, we
came across several untapped regions of the map of Beware. We took a closer look and could stumble
upon spooky wooded areas along with dirt roads. We had played the demo in 2018 and so also took a
hard look at the video. This time our focus was on some of the industrial areas of the map. It was a
surprise suddenly as from nowhere massive trucks lunge from the darkness to crash into the fleeing
driver. It is towards the end of the video something more interesting aspects struck our attention. We
stumbled upon zones, which are supposed to contain office towers, parking garages. We guessed that this
zone will also contain apartments and even skyscrapers. However, we are not yet sure as to who lives in
those buildings. 
There is yet to be any release date assigned, but gaming fans looking to experience a chilling atmosphere
are welcome to try the demo. It is a scary driving game and fans are sure to have a wonderful time
participating in the demo.