Destiny 2's The Lie Quest Is Bugged


Soumi Sarkar


May, 19.2020

Top News: Destiny 2's The Lie Quest Is Bugged
After creating a bustle among the players, the first step of Disney 2’s latest story quest “The Lie” is not
going to finish.  It is because of the failing chances to create a trigger among the mission players to
simply go through the process of getting a reward.
Bungie has confirmed on this matter on a latest Twitter post. Once you complete the steps of the quest,
The Lie will further direct you to the Rasputin’s bunker on the moon. This will activate the mission which
is called “The Tyrant”.  There is no further way to create a response.  You require to quite the activity to
further load it again.  The quest has been run 10 times before we started writing this article.  There is no
avail to it.
At the first position, some dedicated players thought that the release of the secret puzzle in the game
will bring in some sort of similarity to the Destiny 2’s Corridors of Time Puzzle last season, which started
from a Reddit Thread compiling the entire information of it. As the mission failed to load, it remained
unclear to the players. Thus, The Tyrant players are now looking forward to a better mission of the
As per the latest update of Bungie on Twitter, it is clear that the issue will be reinvestigated as per the
Pacific Time, till then the players of Destiny need to sit and wait. The Lie introduces new charm and
excitement to the game with a new story element about Rasputin, the giant AI character places at the
centre of the content season.  It may not similar as per Destiny 2 but somehow trigger Destiny 1 with
the storyline.
On more updated details we can talk about the Destiny 2 end season, till now nothing we can do, apart
from waiting.