PUBG Announces New Challenges with A Reward: Crystal Set


Soumi Sarkar


May, 17.2020

Recent craze of playing PUBG is the talk of the town, be it young generation or an elder, all group up to play PUBG as their favourite pastime. This has been devised with the new challenges along with an attractive crystal set in reward. The challenge is called “King/ Queen of Assists”. Those who can make up to this challenge will share across the screenshot to win the crystal set for the permanent duration. PUBG has also added a new Snow walker set to the Twilight Hunt Crate in the game. This is an attractive feature placed in orange, white and black, along with the highlighted weapons.  The Snow Walker also joins the Arctic Explorer set having a lucky Spin section to the game. The appealing part is that the developers have added the Dark Ops Agent, Aurora Pulse M16A4 and The Wasteland Survivor to make this game truly significant. These are diverse ways to obtain the items in the game. It includes crate along with a lucky spin section attached to it. The notable Lieutenant Parsec Set is added by PUBG to keep the consistency of the game. This consists of a white armored headgear and a set. This Lieutenant Parsec Set is already available with the premium crate. It is now found in all the crate sections. If you open one crate you’ll notice it highlighted in gold. Now there is a lot of chance to win the game along with opening the crate. PUBG has turned the chances of winning diverse items with a limited-time set to open the crate. The game turned to be more interesting and exciting with these added features.  Stay tuned for more additional updates.