Farming Simulator 22: Cinematic Trailer, Release Date, New Fruit Types and More Revealed


Samriddha Saha


Jun, 28.2021

Two of the most important questions about Farming Simulator 22 have now been answered: the release date and the new types of fruit. There is also a cinematic trailer.

Three new crops come with Farming Simulator 22.
Which one will you plant first when it releases November 22nd? 😊

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— Farming Simulator - Available November 22 (@farmingsim) June 22, 2021

The Farming Simulator 22 will be released on November 22, 2021 - the publisher and developer Giants Software have now confirmed. Further details about the game were revealed and a cinematic trailer was published. Above all, however, the new fruit varieties that will be available with Farming Simulator 22 have been unveiled. Grapes and olives as well as millet as a new type of grain will grow in virtual fields in the future and will also be processed further via the newly introduced production chains discussed last time: millet into flour, olives into olive oil and grapes into grape juice. New types of fruit also mean new machines: The New Holland Braud 9070L grape harvester is just one of the new additions to the fleet. The new fruit types are part of the cinematic trailer along with the seasons. The "emotional story" also reveals Mack Trucks as a new brand in the game and shows the iconic Super-Liner in action. Now that Farming Simulator 22 appears in more regions than ever before thanks to self-publishing, all the new players can look forward to plunging into farm life alone or together in multiplayer and then being rewarded with ripe grapes. For the moment, among other things, the unveiling of the last new card is missing. The Farming Simulator 22 can already be pre-ordered and pre-orderers will receive the Class Xerion Saddle Trac Pack and four other machines from Kaweco. Depending on the region, the cover of the game shows a Fendt 900 Vario, Case IH AFS Connect Magnum, Massey Ferguson MF 8S, or Zetor Crystal. A limited Collector's Edition with dual tires of the Case IH will be available for the PC and contains a functioning rotating beacon that reacts to machines in the game. Further details on Farming Simulator 22 will be revealed at the in-house Farmcon from July 21 to 23.