Oceanid Guide In Genshin Impact's Legend Of The Vagabond Sword Event


Sreyasha Ghosh


Jun, 28.2021

It's the second day of Genshin Impact's Legend of the Vagabond Sword event. And this time, you're fighting an Oceanid known as Urania. So, let's check out our guide to help you with the Oceanid Urania boss fight, as well as its modifiers and flairs.

   The characters with a +20% damage bonus this time around are Eula, Klee, Rosaria, and Hu Tao. Next, let's take a look at the modifiers and flairs for the Oceanid Urania boss fight:

                       Select Difficulty

Time Limit: 300 seconds/

210seconds/120 seconds    50/150/250

Opponent HP increase:

25%/100%/175%                    50/150/250

Characters unleash an AoE

shockwave when they hit

enemies, dealing the

equivalent of 25% of their max

HP as damage. This effect is 

triggered every 8 seconds. The

character who triggers this will

lose a portion of their current 

HP: 25%/33%/50%                  20/30/50

+15% character ATK; for 5

seconds after taking damage,

the character's ATK is decreased 

by: 20%/35%/50%                    20/30/50

                Oceanid (choose one)

Flowing Springs creates more

water pillars.                                    60

The above effect + Wave Spray

unleashes more bubbles.              80

The above effects + Wild Torrent

unleashes more attacks.               100

    If the Oceanid or its Hydro Mimics manage to hit you, then that could turn out to be a killing blow. As for the Oceanid-specific modifiers, these will simply increase the number of spells or objects that can be used to damage you.


+50% enemy Cryo resistance        40

+50% enemy Anemo resistance    40

+20% enemy ATK                             40

-50% normal and charged attack

damage (active characters)           40

-50% shield strength                        40

+25% damage taken by your 

party after switching characters 

(stacks up to 4 times)                     40

-25% ATK if active character's HP

is higher than 50%                            40

Oceanid's Surging Torrents will

create two additional torrents        60

The number of Fitful Rapids that

can be used to avoid damage is

decreased                                          60

Hydro Mimics created by the Oceanid

will be raptors and ferrets               60

   Urania starts the fights by floating around, then she'll blitz straight toward you. Meanwhile, her Hydro Bubble spell can be nullified if you're using a character who spawns a construct. For the Hydro Mimic mobs, she'll summon two ferrets and two raptors, so try to use Cryo skills/bursts or petrification abilities to freeze them in place. Oceanid can neither do the Water Cannon or Giant Bubble. It's imperative that you move to the spot with the Fitful Rapids.

   This is what you can expect from this boss fight. Genshin Impact is available via its official website.