Let's Check Out The Options To Win The Fortnite Alien Mothership Mini-Game For Gold Loot


Sreyasha Ghosh


Jun, 28.2021

The alien theme for Fortnite Season 7 Invasion is proving to be quite comprehensive in scope. Now the matches feature multiple ways to encounter extraterrestrials in Fortnite, be it fighting the smaller UFOs, finding alien parasites, or getting abducted into the alien mothership itself. The last one is the most popular for those interested in winning games.

   Now there are three much larger UFOs that spawn and gravitate to random points of interest at the beginning of each match. If you hangout below the ships long enough, the craft will emit tractor beams to abduct all local players. Then you enter into a mini-game with your team that reward the winners with gold loot chests.

Note: Keep in mind that there is only the one opportunity at the beginning of the match to get abducted.

   The mini-game is objective based, and you cannot kill enemies. Instead, it's a race to collect five golden orbs before a timer runs out. Collecting it will increase the reward tier by one each time. While collecting golden orbs is the primary objective, there are many white orbs around the map that can be collected to add five more seconds to the countdown timer for your team. Focusing on these is the key to winning.

   Your team must work on asset denial. This strategy makes this game a breeze to win. Just understand that you'll need to communicate with all - or at least most - of your team for this strategy to work. Split your team into performing two separate tasks. One should focus on a comprehensive sweep of each island, while the other should focus on getting all of the orbs in the center island.

   Just keep wasting your enemies' time while your countdown timers gain time, and enemy teams lose time. Once you keep this up long enough, there will be no white orbs left and enemies will start to panic and look for them and eventually despawn. Your team will then be free to start collecting the gold orbs.

   After winning, you will have 20 seconds to loot. You should be able to grab at least three gold weapons plus healing items. Here are some additional tips- 

Use the redeploy opportunity to land strategically and look for Loot Llamas. Another thing to try, is farming materials before getting abducted at the beginning of the matches. Before getting abducted in Fortnite remember that downed players will be revived upon respawning in the alien mothership. The final thing to remember about the mini-game is that you can easily afford to let enemies get a couple gold orbs. Remember, letting enemies get two gold orbs will only award them with uncommon (green) loot, which will make the activity a general waste of time for them. Focus on the long game.

   It is not known how long this alien mothership mini-game will remain in Fortnite, but it's an easy way to get all gold weapons for every match if you play it right.