FORTNITE crosses the 350 million player mark becoming one of the biggest games ever


Boidurjya Ganguly


May, 15.2020

FORTNITE crosses the 350 million player mark becoming one of the biggest games ever!

 Epic games’ Fortnite, the very popular skill-based battle royale crossed the 350 million players mark as announced by the developer on Wednesday. This makes the free-to-play game one of the most popular games ever made which includes titles like Minecraft and the free to play mobile games released in the last fifteen years! While EPIC did nor release the information as to how many players log in each day or each month, they have confirmed that in April itself gamers played a staggering 3.2 billion hours of Fortnite! The last player count announced by EPIC was approximately 250 million in March 2019. Epic’s constant updates and the game’s ready availability on all gaming platforms (PC/console/mobile) has ensured a growing player base from that time to come where it is at now. The recent addition of the party royale mode, a non-violent social space where players can interact with each other much like other MMO games has allowed players to take a break from the frantic gameplay and take part in various theme-park style activities all keeping with the game’s quirky and over the top aesthetic. It’s all for the purpose of creating a world within a world or metaverse within the Fortnite game verse. This social hub also has seen big names putting on shows much like virtual concerts and these are no joke as these include huge artists like Travis Scott who performed last month and Epic even announced a mini music festival that’s going to happen May 8th at 9PM ET. Artists include Deadmau5, DJs Dillon Francis and Steve Aoki. Fortnite has definitely become a household name these days and with the game adding new content every season including socially relevant content like Star Wars on May 4th and new game modes like Spy Games called Operation Payload it is very easy to see why it has garnered a massive and faithful player base. It only remains to be seen if the player base expands even further or not.