A New Update for Sea of Thieves in the Form of a Hotfix for Sunken Pearl Bugs


Soumi Sarkar


Jun, 25.2021

The Sea of Thieves: A Pirate’s Life has just seen a launch. This game arrives with a big ol’ slice of Pirates
of the Caribbean and players seem to have loved it a lot. There are plenty of gaming fans who are eager to
play it. There are however some issues, which have come to the forefront for players who have played it.
There were plenty of game-breaking bugs in the second of the update’s Tall Tales, The Sunken Pearl. The
good news for fans is that a hotfix will soon be arriving to address this issue. 
The concerns of fans were addressed by Rare in a tweet. The tweet indicated that the team was aware and
has got the feedback on The Sunken Pearl Tall Tale in Sea of Thieves: A Pirate’s Life. The tweet further
indicated that the team is hard at work on a hotfix, which should improve the experience considerably.
The tweet also indicated that they aim to release it quickly but at this time they are unable to say more. As
and when there is more information on the hotfix, they promise to bring it to the forefront of fans. 
We dug a bit deep and were able to get into some of the issues, which we’re creating the problems. The
culprit seems to be the multiple crews present in the game. They were all attempting to complete quest
steps too close to each other. This resulted in overlapping and the process plenty of puzzle triggers lay in
a broken state. The problem for the first Tall Tale issues is slightly on a smaller scale and more
importantly manageable.  It seems that this one is completely instanced, but the second one is certainly
not and the problem appears to be bigger here. 
The problem for the second Tall Tale is complicated and beyond the usual grieving issues. We are not
sure but it could be that there was an introduction of an array of bugs. This might take longer to fix and
that is where the problem lies. This is perhaps the reason why the team working on the hotfix is hesitant
to give an expected date. Gaming fans are however keeping the fingers crossed that the hotfix version will
be streaming live quickly. This has been a nice game to play and with these hotfix updates, it should offer
a much better experience for fans.