Play High End Games on your normal non-gaming PC


Boidurjya Ganguly


May, 14.2020

Play High End Games on your normal non-gaming PC!

With the lockdown being extended in India, many of us are enjoying the best multiplayer games we can get with our friends in all platforms including PC, Console or even mobile. In fact, with the increase in gaming sales numbers in places like Europe and US and the stream of free games provided by Steam, Epic games and even free to play modes like Call of Duty Warzone, gaming has been boosted quite a bit. However not all of us have a gaming PC or console and the mobile may grow tiring after a while. However, what if a gaming PC was not needed to play any high-end game? Is that even possible? Nvidia says yes with it’s GeForce Now game streaming service. It works on the same principle as Google Stadia and Microsoft’s announced Project XCloud. Here games are rendered on a powerful server beforehand and using the internet are streamed to the players. This means a player can enjoy even the most demanding and advanced games without a gaming PC. This can be done even on MAC or smartphones. To draw an analogy, it is like Netflix but for Games. The few recommendations by Nvidia for this service are a 15Mbps connection for gaming at 60fps on 720p, a 25mbps connection for gaming at 60fps on 1080p as well as a wired connection or 5GHz Wi-fi to minimize latency. There are still a few minimum requirements that the device has to meet and the service will only be available for games bought already on Steam, Uplay, Epic or other game stores. One hour of gaming at 1080p can consume 10GB of bandwidth as well. The first tier of access is the free tier which includes 1-hour play sessions and standard access. The second tier is the $4.99/month (Founders’) tier which is free for the first 90 days with RTX support, extended sessions and priority access. GeForce Now is currently unavailable in India but can be accessed through VPN by setting the location to Europe or USA. Not all AAA titles are available in the platform yet but they will be added eventually.