Best Landing spots and key locations in Call Of Duty Warzone


Samriddha Saha


Mar, 26.2020

The loot-filled areas are: Verdansk International Airport Karst River Quarry Verdansk Stadium Gorengard Lumber Yard Downtown Tavorsk District Barakett Promenade East City of Verdansk Port Zordaya Prison Complex Verdansk Hospital BCH TV Station Storage Town Atlas Superstore Verdansk Train Station Warzone – what are the key map locations? You can start a Warzone match strong by picking a top location, and given the size of map, there are plenty to choose from. Some are definitely better than others though. Here's a quick summary of the main crowded areas: Between the TV Station and the Stadium Boneyard Dam Downtown Farmland Middle of Airport, Storage Town, and the Superstore Northeast of the Airport South of the Quarry The Military Base Best Landing Areas in Call of Duty Warzone: Zordaya Prison Complex Although this area is not as big as the Airport, its capacity to accommodate players is no less. Choosing one of the towers, yes, there are towers in this prison, to drop can give you a great start as those places are stocked with loot and different ladders are scattered around the area so when you get down, there is going to be no fall damage. The area has Buying Stations as well so easy for you to buy the equipment you think is apt in any situation. Other than that, there are various vehicles in the area including road vehicles as well as helicopters. Arklov Peak Military Base Arklov Peak Military Base is an extension to Arklov Peak map from Multiplayer. The area is flexible for both short and long distance battles. The Base is at the side of the mountain so you have to be ready for not just shotgun and submachine gun action but also some sniper play. The area is a popular one so a lot of players are going to choose it as there dropping spot. A great spot for extracting loot and participating in gunfights. Verdansk Stadium Again, one of the very popular CoD Warzone spots for dropping as the area is found in the middle of the map. The area has five different vehicles along with five different Buy Stations all around the stadium. The cash that you are going to be making in the game will be going here. The stadium comes out as a challenge having various flight paths and many smaller points with interest located in it. So you are going to find a lot of loot for yourself and then there a multiple spots for you to explore as well. The places include Verdansk Train Station This CoD Warzone area has a lot of activities going inside. The area is very large with a lot of huge buildings that points you towards all the thrilling gunfights you are going to experience here and all the weapons and equipment you are going to loot. You are going to find two buggies in the area and three Buy Stations for the in-game cash you are going to pick up from the ground. Since it is not as much of a popular spot like the other ones, the place is not tightly packed but visiting the area can come out to your benefit.