Expect a grand launch for The Trek To Yomi Game in 2022


Soumi Sarkar


Jun, 15.2021

The developer Digital E3 showcase had some exciting news for gaming fans. There was a big
announcement for the game Trek To Yomi and it hinted at a prospective launch date They intend to
release the game next year in 2022. It is an expert hand involved in developing this game and Flying Wild
Hogg studio is hard at work developing this game. This studio is popular in the gaming world and fans
will recollect that this is the team behind rebooted Shadow Warrior games. Hence, the excitement is all
the more because it is in the hands of experienced developers. 
It is despite the launch date being some time away we got to know about the game. Our sources told us
that it is a Kurosawa-inspired 2D samurai game. The central character here is a young swordsman named
Hiroki. He is a lone Samurai and has sworn to his dying master that he will protect the town. This game is
all about his face-off against threats beyond life and death. Our contacts in the developer team told us that
it will have similarities to the Ghost of Tsushima's Kurosawa mode. They are planning to build this game
on a 2D adventure and a black and white filter. 
The game should be unique from every aspect and our sources at the developer team told us that the lead
character will also have to face supernatural enemies. There has been an initial trailer launch and it looked
that the game attempts to emulate the look of Akira Kurosawa's films. The launch is still a year away and
gaming fans need to wait patiently for a quality product. It seems good and the game should arrive on
PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC in 2022. 
About The Trek To Yomi Game
As showcased by the developer, the Trek To Yomi Game is a seven indie game which is going to release
once the publishing wing is done with the samurai side scroller. It is a fast-paced hack and slash game that
is somehow close to Death’s Door. It is honoured in the traditional ways to enjoy the video of the game,
Chili dogs and some flavour of strange humour. The game will be completely black and white with a film
filter that will give a different dimension to the game.