Farming Simulator 22: Information on the new map, new production chains, screenshots and collector's edition


Samriddha Saha


Jun, 14.2021

There is something new about Farming Simulator 22: The developer shows the new Elmcreek map, introduces the new production chains; provides screenshots for this and the first tractors and lists the contents of the collector's edition.

Are you excited about production chains in Farming Simulator 22? 🍞💯

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— Farming Simulator (@farmingsim) June 9, 2021

A new map, new production chains and the collector's edition were presented for Farming Simulator 22. In the LS22 there are two new maps as well as a new version of the alpine Erlengrat map. Inspired by the American Midwest, Elmcreek offers huge areas and fields for virtual farms. Fields of different sizes and shapes are embedded in an authentic North American landscape. Located out of town, the map is characterized by rivers, areas with underpasses and even a waterfall. A typical American highway, a gas station, a baseball stadium and silos also determine the flair. The new production chains can be played on the map, as on all others. They can no longer be found downstream in the original production. Players now deliver their harvested crops to various farms for further processing. The grain mill, for example, produces flour and thus begins a lucrative production chain, at the end of which bread or cakes are made in the bakery. Depending on the goods to be produced, the respective company must first be supplied with the necessary raw materials such as sugar or butter. After production, the goods are delivered to dealers such as the local supermarket. While some shops and manufacturing facilities already exist, players are also building them to expand their operations and revenue streams. The flagship models of tractors that make it onto the cover of Farming Simulator 22 can also be seen on screenshots. Depending on your region, the standard edition offers a Fendt 900 Vario, Massey Ferguson 8S, Case IH Magnum 340 or Zetor Crystal. The limited summer edition contains a rotating beacon. The rotating beacon connected via USB reacts in real-time to heavy machinery with the warning light switched on. Also included are two posters, 24 stickers and new modding tutorials.

Farming Simulator 22 is coming! 🚜
Including seasons, new maps, machines and features. Teaser + more info on the blog. Are you ready?

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— Farming Simulator (@farmingsim) April 22, 2021

Further features and details will be revealed at Farmcon, the official and annual community event for modders, developers and players of the farming simulator. Farmcon 21 runs from July 21st to 23rd with daily Twitch streams. Many are still hoping for a new type of fruit that will be used in the original production. The seasons have already been introduced and maybe there is even more playful depth in the cultivation of the fields.