An Insight Into The Latest Challenges For Fortnite Season 7 Players


Soumi Sarkar


Jun, 10.2021

Fortnite seasons minus the challenges are perhaps unknown and as we step into season 7, there is no
deviation from the trend. The challenges in this current season kick-off amid much fanfare. You are
perhaps aware that the highlight of this new season is a mysterious alien invading the island. Let us focus
on the challenges for this season and a fan has plenty to do. A fan participating in this season has the task
of placing rubber ducks at multiple spots.  The locations, where the rubber ducks must be placed are
Retail Row, Pleasant Park, and Believer Beach. One aspect that is clear as fans take a look at the
challenges is that there is plenty of variety on offer. We have looked to offer a guide on the ways to
complete the challenges. 
Fans who complete the challenge can expect earnings in the range of 30,000 XP. It is before we discuss
further fans must note that the locations of the rubber decks can change with every round. Let us now
focus on the precise points to place the rubber ducks. 
Retail Row Rubber Duck location
It is once fans identify this named location, the ideal place to drop the rubber duck will be near the
basketball court.  It is on the southeast corner of the location. The drop at times could be on the court and
even at times next to the nearby house. This is the first area for your duck drop. 
The Pleasant Park Rubber Duck location
The next drop spot for the rubber duck is Pleasant Park and the ideal drop point should be a gas station
located along the eastern road of the village. One will have to search for it and at times it can be located
against the podium. There will be moments when the idea drop point will be by the bleachers on the
soccer field. However, these points are all in one area, and fans who are confused can drop it on the
eastern side of Pleasant Park.
Believer Beach Rubber Duck location
Fans are perhaps aware that there have been map changes this season and that should help to locate the
final rubber duck drop location. A search around the pool in the eastern parking lot should help to identify
the final drop location. The lip of the pool can be a good choice but this may move slightly and there
might be a need to search accordingly. 
This will make sure that all the ducks are now in a row and fans that complete it will have done the
necessary legendary quests.