The new Battle Pass for Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7, Invasion, is here with an alien invasion, new missions and rewards.


Samriddha Saha


Jun, 10.2021

The Season 7 of the Pass Battle of Fortnite Chapter 2, Invasion, has started this Tuesday, June 8 with a spectacular trailer where we have put in a position in the most amazing: the world of the game from Epic Games has been invaded by aliens. Apart from aliens and the madness of the population, we have new guests, familiar faces from the entertainment universe; to highlight, Superman and Rick Sánchez from Rick and Morty. We tell you everything we know for now and the first details of the Battle Pass. New Fortnite Battle Pass brings Superman and Rick Sánchez In the first official gameplay video for Invasion, Season 7, we are told that we are on the brink of a war against an unknown enemy. Those invaders will be our enemies and we must confront them. One of the protagonists is Rick Sánchez, from the famous series Rick and Morty; on the other hand, Superman, one of the most important superheroes in the DC factory, can fly! "If they seek war, they will find it," they claim in the trailer. Soon we will know what is the method to unlock these characters in the game.

They came without warning, their intentions were unclear. But what’s clear now is that a war has come to the Island.

Fight back the Aliens in #FortniteInvasion

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One of the novelties of the Battle Pass of Season 7 of Fortnite: Battle Royale, Invasion, is that now we will be the ones who choose the rewards. This season we can unlock everything by playing and unlocking new pages. If you have not bought the Battle Pass we can use the battle stars obtained to redeem it; we get the stars by playing. If we buy levels with turkeys we will get five battle stars. So, as always, we can get 100 rewards by playing. Apart from this, Fortnite will add new animals, such as kangaroos, thus giving more variety to the fauna of the title.

Let’s talk about Battle Stars and the all-new Battle Pass!

To help us break it down we’ve brought in a special guest to give us all the details ⭐👀 #FortniteInvasion

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