Some Important Map Changes To Watch Out In Fortnite Season 7


Soumi Sarkar


Jun, 10.2021

The arrival of aliens in Fortnite Season 7 is now official and alongside some other changes has
automatically been implemented. Their arrival has resulted in a slew of map changes and it is surely not a
surprise for fans. Fortnite has a track record of bringing about changes to the landscape with every season.
This time fans will run into Season 7: Invasion and it should be no different. Here we look to offer you
exclusive insights on the new places of interest. 
Believer Beach 
Most fans will agree with us that this is the fun map change of Season 7. It is a boardwalk and beach
hangout, which existed before. Earlier it was titled Sweaty Sands and this is a significant change. Dr.
Slone is putting up a resistance in the quest to send the aliens back from where they came from. However,
in case he fails in the mission this place would act as a welcome location to the would-be alien overlords.
This location has been built considering this aspect and you come across alien-themed Launch Pads, a
human-made "crop circle" in the sand. A look at this beach will tell you that some believe that the
invaders will be friendly. 
Corny Complex
This complex is located northeast of the center of the map. It is after taking a look we guessed that this
should be the main hub for IO functions on this island. The IO is a mysterious group of foot soldiers and
fans participating need to stay wary of them. They fire at anyone whom they spot. Fans also must realize
that they are at multiple locations on the island. Another key location where you may find them is a
perimeter around any downed Flying Saucers.
Invaded locations
Is there any location on the map that is written by purple front? This signifies that this location is
currently being invaded by UFOs. Fans can head to these spots in the quest to battle with the aliens. The
unique thing to note is that the aliens will not fire at fans, but can still be abduct them.
The Aftermath
This is the location, which does the heaviest lifting and fans will feel it in the storyline. This is a location
to visit and it is home to one of the alien’s artifacts. It also seems to be the new resting place of The
These are some of the important places to visit for fans who participate in Fortnite Season 7. We hope you
like it and the season should be interesting.