Grab The Queen's Golden Wii Priced At $300k


Soumi Sarkar


May, 01.2021

There is some good news for all of you and this time you can look to associate with a piece of history.
There is a scope to associate with British Monarchy as we say that Queen Elizabeth II's golden Nintendo
Wii is up for sale on eBay. They have quoted a very low price for it and it is only $300,000. The British
monarch never really owned this golden console but with stories of rejected delivery doing the rounds,
it became infamous to a certain group of collectors. If you happen to be one of them, one can always
put in a bid. 
The Golden Wii was rather a PR stunt and it a bit questionable from now-defunct game publisher THQ.
They planned to promote a mini-game collection for the Wii titled Big Family. They intended to craft a
golden version of the hit gaming console and send it to the Monarch of the United Kingdom. The queen
rejected the delivery but news outlets were quick to grab on to the story. This gave the game the much-
required marketing boost, which the publishers wanted. 
The story was first told by YouTube channel People Make Games last year. It even went ahead to track
its current owner to a Dutch collector named Donny. He clearly states that the desire to move into a
new situation coupled with stress from the daily job inspired him to sell. He feels that the $300,000 price
is pretty arbitrary and says he does not need more.