A Look At The Source For Inspiration For Apex Legends Season 9's Arenas


Soumi Sarkar


May, 01.2021

Arenas are on the verge to see a launch in Apex Legends Season 9' and it is best described as a
permanent team deathmatch mode. Your channel got to take a look at it and there were similarities
with Titanfall 2. There is a heavy focus on gunplay and one will come across two teams facing it off. Our
team was among the rare privileged to get their hands on it and it was truly entertaining. There is no
wall running in Apex Legends and the highlight of the game lies in its fast-paced firefights. 
Your channel had the scope to discuss with members of the developer Respawn team about Arenas.
They spoke to us on a lot of areas regarding the game and there was a surprise in store In the
interaction, it came to the forefront that the team deathmatch mode had its inspirations from
something elsewhere. They borrowed the idea from a completely different genre of game: Auto Chess.
There was even an interview from the lead game designer of the team Carlos Pineda and he had to say
that Auto Chess was about different people fighting on a grid. They thought of a concept of a bunch of
teams fighting each other on different parts of the map. We also spoke to the Arenas designer Robert
West and he had to say that the prototype for Arenas was play tested in September 2019. It was far
from perfect but it gave them one point clarity of Intense 3v3 match-ups with no third-partying felt
amazing. The team kept on working until they had a great product to offer.