Microsoft Has Plans To Make Halo Infinite A Great PC Experience 


Soumi Sarkar


May, 01.2021

There have recently been some new details shared by Microsoft and it is all about the PC edition of Halo
Infinite. The details were released via a blog post and it seems they are serious about wider changes to
PC gaming. There was a big announcement from the company stating that Halo Infinite will support
cross-play for multiplayer and cross-progression. 
There was also a revelation in the Inside Infinite post and it speaks of Halo Infinite being built "from the
ground up" for PC. You will also love to know that the game will come up with graphic settings and you
can expect a lot. There are the best high-end hardware and multiplayer matchmaking rules in the game.
This should prevent anyone from boasting of an advantage in-game. Here are some of the key
announcements made by Microsoft. 
 They are introducing cross-play and cross-progression and this should allow Halo Infinite players
to play together irrespective of platforms. It could be anything from Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S,
or PC.
 Microsoft intends to make this game a premier PC experience and for that, they are offering
ultra wide monitor and screen support. There are triple key blinds and a wide variety of graphic
 They are also offering cross-play multiplayer settings and this means a lot. There is scope to
change the FOV. This setting dictates the amount, which players can see on the screen. 
These are some important steps taken by Microsoft to make sure that Halo Infinite is indeed a
wonderful experience on PC, You are sure to love it a lot.